Kuala Lumpur Sports City

The new Kuala Lumpur Sports City (KLSC), or formerly known as Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex is set to be one of the most iconic and distinctive international sporting and entertainment centre in Asia. As a redeveloped and fully-integrated sports hub, KLSC is fully compliant with local and international standards consists of new world-class infrastructures on par with the most renowned world-class sports and entertainment centre. This regeneration and redevelopment project includes providing high-performance sports training facilities, a sports rehabilitation science centre, youth park, public sports facilities, sports museum, youth hostel, convention centre and a sports-focused retail mall. Located in the KLSC compound are National Stadium, Axiata Arena, National Aquatic Centre, National Squash Centre and National Hockey Stadium.

KL Sports City

National Stadium

The National Stadium is the most center and prominent sports venue in the country. It’s the only stadium in Malaysia with 85,000 seating capacity making it the largest in Malaysia, 2nd largest in ASEAN and the 11th largest in the world. This magnificent building was newly upgraded – its facade and interior, to a world-class standard consisting of high end and state-of-the-art facilities. Also equipped with luxurious Royal Lounge and Corporate Suites for important guests, National Stadium is set to be a sporting ground accommodating to all.

Axiata Arena

Axiata Arena (formerly known as Stadium Putra) which is located at the back of the National Stadium is the first stadium partnership project incorporating corporate branding in Malaysia. It has 13,000 seating capacity and will become an iconic and inspiring venue for Malaysians. Axiata Arena will be the crown jewel of the KL Sports City, equipped with the latest technology and world class facilities for event organizing. Upon completion, the arena will be on the same par as Staples Centre in Los Angeles, O2 Arena in London and Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai as a world class sporting and entertainment venue.


National Aquatic Centre

The National Aquatic Centre was one of the main venues during 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games. It is a special-integrated sports facility which meets all the needs of international swimming and diving sports competition events, all under one roof. It has 3 types of pool – training pool, competition pool and diving pool. National Aquatic Centre can accommodate up to 4,000 spectators in one seating.

National Squash Centre

National Squash Centre is the only venue for squash events in Bukit Jalil area. It has 10 single courts which can be turned into double courts and one main court known as ‘Arena Nicol David’. The main court can occupy 1,000 spectators meanwhile the single court can occupy around 50 to 70 spectators at one time. It is equipped with outdoor car park, VIP holding room and shops selling sports equipment.

National Hockey Stadium

Consists of 2 hockey stadiums called Hockey Stadium 1 and Hockey Stadium 2. Hockey Stadium 1 which has 12,000 seating capacity is fully covered and used for competition while Hockey Stadium 2 which accommodates 1,000 seating capacity is used for training. The stadium is equipped with conference rooms, doping room, medical and physiotherapy room, first aid room and dressing room. There is also a media centre that contains two lounges and work space for 100 journalists, fully equipped with a platform for a digital TV, broadcasting room and one room for a post-match press conference.